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Lechon Stomach


two.8kl Pork belly slab
5 small bundle of lemongrass(20 stalks)
4 big onions, sliced
1 cup garlic, minced
1-two cups spring onions, sliced
4 tbsp salt and two tbsp pepper (extra if necessary)
two-three tbsp soy sauce
three-4 tbsp liquid seasoning (optional)
1/three cup evaporated liquid creamer
two-three abaca twine


1) Pound lemongrass and take out the leaves
two) Pat dry both equally sides of the pork belly with paper towels
three) Rating the pork belly by slicing diagonally, two inches aside and be thorough not to lower into the skin
4) Slice once again(diagonally) in the reverse aspect
5) Rub salt and pepper into the meat
6) Insert liquid seasoning and soy sauce then massage the meat
seven) Insert garlic and make sure to put some amongst the slits
8) Insert onions and put some amongst the slits
nine) Insert spring onions and distribute evenly
ten)Insert lemongrass and distribute evenly
11)Roll the pork belly slab tightly
12)Tie pork belly with abaca twine
*do the butcher’s knot. Butcher’s knot gain is the moment you tie them you can regulate them effortless very easily.
thirteen)After the tie is very tight Lock it.
fourteen)Trim the ends
fifteen)Repeat the actions thrice
sixteen)Rub salt and pepper on the skin and *optional:marinate for 5 several hours or overnight or prepare dinner immediatetly
17)Brush milk onto the skin(it gives the skin a reddish brown colour)
eighteen)Preheat stovetop oven around superior heat for ten-15min.
19)prepare dinner for 5-6 several hours around small heat
20)Relaxation for ten-fifteen min. in advance of slicing

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