How to prepare dinner Mealworms, taking in mealworms, prepare dinner mealworms, taking in insects

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Sorry about the excellent of the movie. I shed all drive although modifying the movie. In any case i hope this assists anyone if they at any time want to prepare dinner mealworms. I cant say that i preferred it quite much…


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  1. I knew you found that delicious 😀 I knew from the start

  2. ADD salt LIKE a lot of salt then its more yumyum

  3. I'm gonna eat the rest of them because I dont want to waste them… YEAH RIGHT YOU LOVED IT

  4. Why couldn't you grind them up after you fry them crispy and add them to baked goods like bread, or a granola type protein bar?

  5. Stop acting , you people will eat anything and anybody , you are the bases of all creation …. remember ??

    You're just enjoying the high places of the earth , just for a moment .

  6. hey to anybody wanting to try eating mealworms , i can highly recommend it
    not only they have a lot of protein and vitamins compared to meat they are also more Ecological than cattle and you can breed them at home with rolled grain and kitchen scraps ^^ moreover they taste awesomely good (to me like a mashup between scrambled egg amd very intense walnut ) they are also great to be tossed into a salad as a healthier option to Croutons its more flavor same crunchiness and less carbs 😉

  7. As someone who hunts, I think it's hilarious when he says "I can see their legs and stuff." Lmfao uh ya, your steaks had legs once too. I'm glad he did this, that freak out at the beginning was do to a life of disconnect with his food. Maybe doing this will cure him of that.

  8. You do you dude.You do you 🍽

  9. They said superworm taste meatier and softer to bite than mealworms since mealworms have thicker chitins, a taste test comparison would be a good idea.

  10. I've tried scorpion and other things like that and they all have this nut like texture. It's not my favorite, but it's also not horrible. Interesting though.

  11. How can people eat mealworms? Yarrk

  12. Insects are a good healthy source of protein, it has been eating by many cultures for thousand of years including Europeans. The majority of American still discovering this delicacy…..)

  13. that is not nice dish at I'll .

  14. were they really coming to life or were they just shrinking from being cooked?

  15. I ate a meal worm before it was so good they called them French fries I also ate a cricket and they called them chicken nuggets they are soooooo good. You should try crickets next.

  16. I ate many kinds of insects from scorpions to crickets, but I can't stand mealworms. I tried sallowing boiled ones and it left a horrible after taste while being digested inside me, which made me sick for the entire day. :c

  17. Try real food next time.

  18. just don't eat them alive…and yes I don't know if I would eat them again because of cruelty issues,but they did not feel anything because they were frozen

  19. I really wanna try some but I have to wait to be with my dad cuz my mom would flip out

  20. No one else thinks this is cruel?

  21. lol your reaction the first time was priceless

  22. no you can not remove any insect exoskeleton

  23. Can you show a video or instruction on how to remove the exoskeleton.

  24. If its not alive i might be fine with it…

  25. he got scared caz he cooked it alive and the worms are gonna haunt his life.

  26. yeap…typical reaction with people have not eaten bugs before….they are so yummy!

  27. did anyone else think the first second of the fasted paces shaking wasn't sped up and he was flinging mealworms everywhere?

  28. I can't be the only one experiencing major audio delay here.

  29. Really interesting video! Well done. If you don't mind me asking, what camera did you record this with? The quality is great.

  30. haha, its not that bad…actually going to be experimenting with crickets soon

  31. okay I just peed my pants, you guy, are so funny, I really like you hahahaha…. Thank you Gd, for making me kosher!

  32. haha you're cringing more than I am

  33. we're gonna be eating?????

  34. Thank you for posting this. Seeing you get past their look makes me think I may be able to as well. Eating mealworms as a protein source is going to become a reality soon as population continues to rise.

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