How to Cook the Great Breakfast – Cooking with Greggy Ep. 1

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Ingredients FOR OMELETTE
2 Eggs per omelette
Garlic powder
Whatever you want to fill the omelette with! If you’re subsequent my case in point, it’s…
Pepper jack cheese
Marconi Very hot Giardiniera diced

Step-BY-Step OMELETTE Instructions
1) Make your mind up what you want in that bitch and prep it all right before. Minimize up your spinach, shred your cheese, and many others.
2) Crack two eggs into a bowl and time with salt, pepper, and garlic powder to style.
three) Whisk those eggs, guy!
4) Get a nonstick skillet, put it on the stove, and light-weight it up a very little previous medium. Enable it get warm. We’ll say a minute and a 50 percent.
five) Drop some butter in there and unfold it all-around to grease the pan — if you’re applying a nonstick skillet, use a bunch of butter!
six) Pour your eggs in. Use a spatula to pull from the outside of the pan in and the move the pan to fill the holes with egg.
seven) As it starts to organization up (about a minute or minute and a 50 percent), begin adding the components. I like to begin with a cheese base, then veg, then meat. But it is your connect with, guy.
eight) I like my omelettes runny, but if you want them fewer juicy, which is cool. The moment the cheese is melted in and you have a very combine, get in there and flip a person facet in excess of to make the fantastic omelette. If you’re subsequent me to a T, you’re waiting around in between thirty seconds to a minute soon after almost everything is on there right before the flip, but this is all accomplished by watching and selecting. It is quickly!
nine) Serve!

Ingredients FOR TATERS
Olive oil

Step-BY-Step TATER Instructions
1) Wash them taters.
2) Dice them taters into bite sizing-cubes.
three) Place ‘em in a bowl of chilly h2o to destrach’em. Drain them. Go over them in h2o all over again. Repeat till the h2o is no lengthier cloudy. If you wanna strategy in advance, you can do this the night time right before and depart them in the h2o and included overnight. They won’t brown!
4) Get a cast iron skillet. Flip it up to medium high. Place some olive oil in there. You want the complete pan included.
five) Towel dry the taters.
six) Gettin’ some very good warmth off that oil? Toss them taters in there, guy!
seven) Salt and pepper the taters. Toss in the rosemary and thyme, as well. Repeat this to style as you flip the taters.
eight) This is the place I ought to convey to you a time to cook’em, but it is actually up to you. If you like’em CRISPY like me, they’re gonna go for 10 minutes or lengthier. No matter, flip them taters at your leisure.
nine) They glance accomplished to your liking? Good. They’re accomplished. Flip off the warmth, dump’em on a paper towel, and then serve’em!

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47 Comments on How to Cook the Great Breakfast – Cooking with Greggy Ep. 1

  1. This is so good! I see a Food Network show in the future!

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  14. I love this show already

  15. There's a new cook in town! Move over Mr Oliver. Great content and who doesn't love food?! VEGANS

  16. The reason you see chefs pull the omelette and let the uncooked egg refill the bottom of the pan is because when cooking scrambled eggs or an omelette, stirring the egg as it cooks will make your egg much more fluffy. As you can see your end result, your omelette is really thin since you didn’t move it around much once it started cooking. Stirring it, and adding a little bit of milk will create a really nice and fluffy egg. You can use a little water too if you don’t have any milk. But hey, if that’s how you or anyone likes it, that’s fine. We all like our food in our own way.

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    Can i just check – did the broccoli actually get cooked? You need to get that broccoli cooked son! Ain't nobody got time for raw hard broccoli.

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