How to Cook Bacon So It’s Crispy, Tender, and the Most Excellent At any time

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Failed to imagine frying bacon could get any much better? We prove it can.

Here’s a very simple way how to make bacon that’s crisp and tender as a substitute of dry and crumbly. Make crispy bacon with no chance of overcooking. Bacon cooked in drinking water? It operates!

Put the bacon (in strips or reduce into pieces) and just adequate drinking water to protect it in a skillet in excess of large warmth. When the drinking water reaches a boil, reduced the warmth to medium. After all of the drinking water has simmered absent, turn down the warmth to medium-very low and proceed cooking until the bacon is crisp and properly browned. When we attempted this method, the meat plumped up as it cooked as a substitute of shriveling, leaving the bacon pleasantly crisp but moist, not tricky or brittle.

The addition of drinking water keeps the preliminary cooking temperature very low and light, so the meat retains its moisture and stays tender. By the time the drinking water reaches its boiling point (212 levels), the bacon unwanted fat is practically totally rendered, so you are also considerably significantly less probably to burn the meat though ready for the unwanted fat to cook off.

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46 Comments on How to Cook Bacon So It’s Crispy, Tender, and the Most Excellent At any time

  1. This is also a really simple way to make bacon. I liked.

  2. Crispy AND tender???

  3. No. Throw that in my grill or oven on a rack and cook it !!!

  4. I was expecting you to just lace it with more and more fat.

  5. Or you could bake it… like a sane person. For anyone that wants to try, convection bake (regular bake works) – 375 degrees. Set bacon on cookie cooling racks that are set in a cookie sheet (catches the drippings). Should take 30-40 minutes (can cook while you're making other items) and perfect bacon.

  6. how to cook bacon: put a lot into a small pan and cover go play candy crush! why? cause you fucking can!!!!

    check regularly that bacon juice is filling to rim! why? twice the flavor BAM!!!!

    once all bacon strips have curled and interlocked it's done!

    eat as is o on a cheeseburger BAM!!!!

  7. Saw this done by Michael Smith years ago on his old cooking show and  tried it but saw no real advantage. I do mine in the microwave and it comes out nice and crispy, leaves all the fat in the paper towel I lay under and over it, and it tastes less salty this way too, which I personally prefer. It takes about 1 minute per slice, but best results are the result if you turn them 1/2 way through, which also stops them from sticking to the paper towel, which happens on occasion.

  8. Couldn't you just heat up the pan to medium, put in the bacon, lower it to medium low and cook until it is perfect? After the first pieces, the rest will cook faster in the grease.

  9. Bacon can be cooked for a time period without looking cooked until you turn it over .

  10. Or .. Throw bacon in frying pan, fry, eat.

  11. Um, no. Gotta go with wrong on this one.

  12. great technique to make your french skillet super hard to clean

  13. Yeah, no. Why would spend that much time making bacon that comes out the same? Just cook on medium heat. flip every 45 seconds or so. My bacon comes out wonderfully.

  14. Or I mean you just buy good quality bacon instead of garbage that dries out Instantly?

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    Now this step is extremely important because if you mess this up. You will have to start all over again in the 45 degree lake.

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  16. We use a metal baking sheet, with parchment paper (to ease cleanup) sprinkled with flour to prevent splatter.

  17. Should it be warm water

  18. A pig died for this bacon that's so sad. Please go vegan animals are not ours to eat but we kill them every day and steal there milk,eggs,honey and alot more. If you were to go vegan the animals won't be killed and you will live a healthier life.

  19. want to make the perfect bacon? Bake it and learn to keep an eye on it you noobs also only reason your bacon is crumbly and burnt in the pan is because your ass can't cook . lol

  20. I cook it in water for about 6 minutes, then I do the rest with oil.

    It's a good balance.

  21. are you serious….


  23. And then spend 30 mins scrubbing your frying pan

  24. Dang. That ad before the video was actually longer.

  25. Making people waste 25 minutes of their life while watching their bacon sloooowly cook is a sin

  26. … or you can bake it in the oven on a wire rack. No curling up , excess fat drips away and it's crispy perfectly

  27. put the whole sliced pound of kilo fat side down on med-low. flip when brown. seperate 2-3 at a time and finish middles.

  28. i just throw mine in the fryer for like 2 min

  29. Cook it under the broiler on the middle rack. Turn once early on so it doesn't stick and then once more when it's half done.

  30. Ovens better look it up baking  bacon in oven.

  31. This is a pretty useless step. It just slows down the original process. You end up with the same crispy bacon both ways. One just takes longer and is unnecessary. Just fried your bacon on medium high and continue to turn it. I've tried both ways and this video is useless waste of time.

  32. nuke it on a paper towel

  33. Who the hell eats just 3 strips of bacon?

  34. this is the most sexualized food title ive ever read

  35. Or you could just start the bacon in a cold pan and bring it to medium heat. Only adds a little less than a minute to the cooking time and it comes out perfectly flat and evenly cooked each time.

    works for me

  36. This cooking method makes a big difference and it does cooks the Bacon perfectly bacon each time.

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